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Lamb hotpot

Lamb hotpot

Lancashire hotpot is a traditional British stew. This is my version (not traditional, so I've just called it a hotpot).

lamb per person
potato per person
frozen peas
oil for frying
glass of cooking sherry
some water
knife and board for chopping
frying pan
spoon for stirring
potato peeler
time in oven: 2 hours or more

preparation time:
browning meat
preparing and frying vegetables
peeling potatoes

Like most casseroles, the amounts of ingredients are up to you.
This is a minimal recipe. At the end, I suggest some additional or substitute ingredients.

Cooking process

Other ideas

Some of the following ingredients are traditional and some are possible variations. The recipe above creates a meal with plenty of taste and not too many ingredients. You can try adding some of the below for authenticity, or variation, or personal taste.