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Quick meals


for my own quick meals recipes.

Sometimes you just want to cook something quick and eat it. These meals are often cooked on top of the stove rather then using an oven like .

Since these dishes are cooked quickly, you might be to be careful about the ingredients. Some vegetables, like carrots or potatoes, might well end up undercooked (unless you like crunchy veg). Meat also needs to be good quality, or at least not be tough, since the cooking process won't tenderise it.

Another thing to think about is hot plates. Usually a casserole is very hot, and putting some on a cold plate warms up the plate without making the food cold. But this may not be true of stove-top cooked food, and cold rice or pasta is rather depressing. There are special plate warmers, and we use a fire-guard with a flat top which doesn't get too hot. One neat trick is to run the plates under a hot tap and then dry them.