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Buckyball or Truncated Icosahedron - solid shape with faces of pentagons and hexagons
Convex - sticking out not in. This site only covers with convex polyhedra.
Cube - solid shape with six square sides
Cube Octahedron - solid shape with faces of squares and triangles
Dodecahedra - plural of dodecahedron
Dodecahedron - solid shape with twelve faces - regular dodecahedron's faces are regular pentagons
Edge - line between one face of a polyhedron and another
Equilateral triangle - a triangle where all the sides (and angles) are equal - the angles will each be 60°
Face - flat bit on a polyhedron
Hexagon - flat shape with six sides - a regular hexagon has angles of 120°
Icosahedra - plural of icosahedron
Icosahedron - solid shape with twenty faces - regular icosahedron's faces are equilateral triangles
Isosceles triangle - triangle with two sides (and so two angles) the same lengths
Octahedra - plural of octahedron
Octahedron - solid shape with eight faces - regular octahedron's faces are equilateral triangles
Pentagon - flat shape with five sides - a regular pentagon has angles of 108°
Platonic solids - the five regular convex polyhedra
Polygon - flat shape
Polyhedra - plural of polyhedron
Polyhedron - solid shape (three dimensional)
Pyramid - solid shape with mostly triangles as faces - a regular pyramid is a tetrahedron
Sphere - solid shape which is a round ball
Square - flat shape with four equal sides - the angles will each be 90°
Star - solid shape with points
Tetrahedra - plural of tetrahedron
Tetrahedron - solid shape with four triangular faces, sometimes called a triangular pyramid
Triangle - flat shape with three sides
Vertex - point of a polyhedron (solid shape)
Vertices - plural of vertex