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Bobbins lace How to make bobbin lace
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Design Torchon lace online
My lace collection (with photographs)
My old lace website (now archived)
How to design
and their history
Greek keys
Celtic knots

Design online

These are interactive webpages
easy to use
Mosaics - suitable also for tapestry patterns
Celtic knots
Greek keys
Symmetrical patterns
Torchon lace
Simple designs Simple shape tessellations - possibly suitable for patchwork
Optical illusions
Triangle grid tessellations
Escher-style tessellations
Symmetrical pictures
Tapestry (needlepoint) patterns Patterns from a book dated 1597
Patterns from a book dated 1587
Celtic knots patterns
Maze patterns
Greek keys patterns
Letters and numbers
Geometric Roman mosaics
Other Projects Beadwork
How to make a USB cable tidy
My Kindle books How to make Bobbin Lace - Buy UK - USA
Bobbin Lace Stitches and Techniques - Buy UK - USA
How to design Celtic Knots - Buy UK - USA
My printed book Printed version of How to make Bobbin Lace - Buy UK - USA
Please note - printed version is a lot more expensive than KIndle,
as there are a LOT of diagrams in the book, which costs in print
(but not in ebooks)