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Examples of Escher-style tessellations

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These patterns are very simple and are not intended to rival M C Escher's excellent work! Try this website for proper examples.

They are made online using the Escher-style tessellation designer, which allows you to make tessellations with two colours and a few simple symmetries. It is quite easy to make pretty patterns. Escher had tessellations of people and animals neatly fitting together, and you will soon find out that this is extremely hard! However, the human eye is good at seeing things which aren't really there, so you may be able to convince yourself, if not others, that something is there. Here are a few of mine.

A little red man dances along trying to avoid a scary monster's head, which is trying to bite off his head. Green and blue planes pass each other. Oh all right - they're just arrows.

The black man looks sad while the white man is laughing. Would you believe yellow frogs? And more monster faces in between.

Green women with layered skirts dancing past blue women dancing the other way. A bird with feathery wings passes a hedgehog.