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Design a tessellation online (Escher-style)

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Colours:    Current:
Choose colours, then click on a blocks to choose it.

Tile: Click on the tile to colour in a square. This will be repeated on the large pattern. If you prefer, you can click directly on the pattern instead. With black/white, the white squares in the tile have edges so you can see what's happening.
Type:     Tile size:    

If you want, change the tile size, or select a different type of tessellation. This will start a new pattern. The reflection or turn happens within a tile rather than from one tile to the next.

Some examples

Once you have created a tessellation, you can save it by copying the contents of the white box below, and pasting it into a word processor file. To bring the tessellation back again, copy and paste it back to the white box, and click on Regenerate.