Make an Escher-style tessellation online

Click on the tile on the right to change the colour of a square. Click on it again to change it back. The Escher-style pattern will be generated on the left. If you prefer, you can click directly on the pattern instead. If you change the tessellation type, tile size or colour combination, it will regenerate the tessellation with the existing tile. This might lose some information if you change to 'reflection'.
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Using this webpage including printing and saving

This webpage may run slow for some computers. It has a lot to do.

The generated pattern will always have both colours with exactly the same shapes.
However, to make a good Escher-style pattern, you want a single distinct shape repeated.
The best way to do this is to 'nibble' away at the edges.
Even so, when you carefully paint one edge, you may find that another edge getting ruined!
That's part of the fun.
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