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There are conversion facilities throughout this website, but they will only tell you what one value at a time. It has been pointed out to me by someone working on vintage tractors that when you are "up to your elbows in grease" you don't want to be tapping away on a keyboard. What you want is a nice table printed out and stuck up on the wall. So here is a table generator.

There are lots of options, but first try clicking on 'Generate table' to see what the original options do. This will open a new window with the starting options. Close this new window and alter the options to get the conversion, range and precision you want. Type of unit is length, weight, volume etc. You must select this to get a choice of the appropriate unit types.

If you want, you can select a Useful table. This will generate the table immediately. If you want, you can then adjust the range, step or precision, and click on 'Generate table' as before.

You can, if you want, have the Step as a fraction, such as 1/2. This is one slash two, not any other representation of a fraction. If you have a fraction Step, then the Start must either be a whole number or a fraction, and the fraction must have the same denominator. So you can have a Start of 1/64 and a Step of 1/64, but you cannot have a Step of 1/64 and a Start of 1/2 (use 32/64 instead).

The generator will either give you a straight-forward unit conversion, such as From feet To metres, or it will give you pairs of units, such as From feet and inches To metres and centimetres. You select which. You can also choose a combination of a pair of units and a single unit, such as From feet and inches To centimetres, by not selecting the second half of one of the pairs. When you choose a pair of units, either From, or To, make sure that they are sensible, like feet and inches, not feet and centimetres! The Step, Start and End will always be of the lesser of the pair of units.

When you have your conversion table, you can alter any of the options if the table is not what you want. When you are happy with it, you can print off the whole webpage. That is why it is on a new window, so you don't have to print off all these instructions as well! Or you can copy-and-paste to a word processor of your choice, and then you can alter the font, size or anything else.

It makes a difference which way round you select units. If you select 'From ounces to grams', it will give you the ounces in regular steps, and the equivalent value of grams. If you select them the other way round, you will get the grams stepped, and the equivalent value of ounces. The precision applies to the 'To' unit, since this is the one that is likely to have unwieldy decimals.

Please note! This is British units only. American units of volume are different to British ones.