HURDAT Converter

This page will convert an NRL trackfile (format as of 2018), a USNO Best Track, the track part of an NRL Tropical Cyclone Warning with Track (include the trailing NNNN), or part of the Australian BoM tracks CSV file into HURDAT format. Paste the data into the box on the left and press the convert button below. Then ctrl-C to collect the result.

Longitude is in ° 

Points to note:

(1) When converting an NRL file, there is no way to determine when a storm is classified as subtropical or extratropical - this will have to be amended manually. Wind speeds up to 20 knots are classified as Lows, 25 knots or above as Tropical.

When converting a Best Track file, type codes DB, LO & WV are converted to L; PT, EX & DS to E; SS, SD to S (if they are used at all).

On the Australian database, Cyclone Types 10, 60 and 80 are converted to L; 20, 21, 30 and 40 to * where available. For draft tracks the windspeed is used as noted above for NRL files.

(2) As the HURDAT format does not have E-W indicators, longitudes are expressed in whichever of E & W is normal for the basin. Thus all South Pacific storm longitudes are expressed as E, even if this is greater than 180. All storms arising in the Eastern or Central North Pacific are expressed as W throughout, even if they cross the date line. The E<-->W button can be used to change the sense of expression, after the Convert.

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